Spider-Man: No Way Home VFX Team Continued Working on Shots Weeks After Release

Even when these major Marvel blockbusters are released, the work on the film isn't done. While visual effects work often goes down to the wire, some vendors continue working on the film even long after its release so that certain shots can be done for the film's digital and home media releases. Take the team at Digital Domain, for example. Scott Edelstein, an Oscar-nominated VFX Supervisor, and his team worked on Spider-Man: No Way Home scenes well into January.

"We're always kind of pushing that envelope, especially on Marvel films. I think we started becoming involved around February-ish, started developing these kinds of things like March, where we're building assets and figuring out Sandman and starting to build the hybrid environment," Edelstein tells us. "So you're talking about quite a bit of time before the movie releases, which was in December. So I think that we delivered final shots into the second week of December or something like that. It was really, really close. If they're not going to do stereo on a show or have a 3D release or something like that, then really you can go right up until it comes out theaters nowadays with digital releases and everything, right?"

That's when Edelstein reveals his team not only sent in their final projects a couple weeks into December—No Way Home first hit theaters on December 17th, mind you—but they continued working on deleted scenes and the like until January.

"We're picking that stuff up and running with it all the way up to the end, really. And sometimes, even after say the feature film delivers for the North American audience, they'll want to add shots or do additional shots for like the video release or behind the scenes and this and that. I think we were still doing shots like into mid-January or something, on the show that's delivered in December," Edelstein adds.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now in theaters and hits digital release on March 22nd.

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