Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Would Rather See Iron Man Return Than Seeing Uncle Ben in the MCU

Peter Parker has lost a lot of people in his time as Spider-Man, but if Tom Holland could have his [...]

Peter Parker has lost a lot of people in his time as Spider-Man, but if Tom Holland could have his pick of one person to bring back, it would be Iron Man. IGN talked to the star at the world premiere of his Pixar movie Onward and proposed the question to him. They asked him if he could bring back one of Uncle Ben, his parents, Gwen Stacy or Tony Stark, which one would get the nod. Holland lingered on Uncle Ben for a second before echoing a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans with his answer on the matter. The Spider-Man actor said, "It would have to be Tony Stark. It would have to be him because I love working with Robert so much, and if I could do another day with him, it would be great fun."

This isn't the first time or the last that the young actor had some praise for Robert Downey Jr. In fact, last year at Fan X in Utah, Holland spoke at length about the ways in which the Iron Man star really made him feel at home during those early days in the MCU.

"The amazing thing about RDJ is that he's arguably the most famous movie star on the planet, or the biggest movie star on the planet," Holland explained. "But he's always early, he knows every crew member's name, he always knows his lines. He's professional, he's kind, he's caring."

"I was sick on set one day and I didn't really know the guy," he continued. "He was really sweet and he kind of looked after me and took me under his wing a little bit. Entering the Marvel Universe is daunting, it's a big process. The thing I've learned most from him, and I've learned from [Chris] Hemsworth and [Chris] Evans and Scarlett [Johansson] and everyone really, is that just because you're at the top, doesn't mean you can be a d---."

Well, it doesn't look like Iron Man will be back anytime soon, but fans will continue to ask every cast member about this possibility until it happens. Also, with Disney+ up and rolling now, it's probably only a matter of time before the two share the screen again in a physical capacity. As with everything Marvel, people will have to just wait and see.