Minor League Hockey Team Suits Up in Spider-Man Uniforms on Stan Lee's Birthday

Today, Saturday December 28, would have been the legendary Stan Lee's 97th birthday. To mark the [...]

Today, Saturday December 28, would have been the legendary Stan Lee's 97th birthday. To mark the occasion fans all around the world are taking a moment to reflect on and honor the prolific and influential comics figure who was responsible for helping to create many of the most iconic characters in comics history -- The X-Men, The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and more. It's one of those characters that a minor league hockey team is using to help honor Lee on his birthday with special Spider-Man uniforms.

On Twitter on Saturday, the Indy Fuel hockey team shared a photo of their uniforms for the evening's game against the Kansas City Mavericks. The special jerseys are part of the Fuel's Marvel Super Hero Night event, which just so happens to land on Lee's birthday. The team also posted thanking the creator for "creating a pretty awesome universe." You can check out both posts below.

Lee passed away November 12, 2018 at the age of 95 after a lifetime of molding and shaping the Marvel Universe in comics as well as on screens both large and small. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige honored Lee during the Saturn Awards earlier this year sharing a sweet story about Lee during the filming of one of Lee's famous cameo scenes.

"I'm incredibly humbled that I'm receiving an award named after a man who can only be described as a genius," Feige said. "Stan was incredibly proud of the MCU cameos. I would remind him that he also co-created all these characters and he'd sort of brush that off and go, 'Yes, but these cameos!' I remember one time he was going to shoot soon after lunch and just before lunch I look around and the crew's not there and I realized they've all gone down to the comic shop to buy comics for Stan to sign. And If you've met Stan you know that, of course, he stayed there, and he signed every one and he talked to each member of the crew. He was infused with humanity and kindness. He put that into every creation he had, which is why they all still resonate today and will resonate, I believe, for centuries to come."

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