Stan Lee Files New Restraining Order Against Former Business Manager

Stan Lee has filed a second restraining order against former business partner Keya Morgan, TMZ reports.

In June, Lee filed the first order against Morgan after the manager was arrested for allegedly falsifying a police report.

Lee’s legal team Friday requested that first order be voided as it was submitted by attorney Tom Lallas, who hasn’t represented Lee for months. The judge agreed and Lee’s legal representatives filed a new restraining order against Morgan.

The newest documents claim Morgan mishandled over $5 million of Lee’s money and caused the 95-year-old suffered severe physical and emotional injuries. The documents further allege Morgan tried to isolate Lee from his family and relocated him to an undisclosed location in June.

“The Lee family is conducting its own investigation, and working with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and the LAPD, in various investigations into Keya Morgan and others who may have taken advantage of the Lee family,” said Kirk Schenck, a legal rep for Lee. “We will not comment further on the ongoing investigations for witness and evidentiary protection.”

“For over 10 years I have shown nothing but love, respect and kindness to Stan Lee and his wife, a fact he has repeated countless times,” Morgan said in a statement to TMZ Friday.

“This is a witch hunt by his daughter and her lawyer against me because she cannot stand the fact Stan likes me so much. I will 100% prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations against me are false. The truth will come out.”

In April, Lee was reportedly a victim of alleged elderly abuse. Lallas, Lee’s attorney at the time, filed an official legal declaration in February saying J.C. Lee, daughter of Stan and the late Joan Lee, was being “improperly influenced” by three men with “bad intentions.”

Jerardo ‘Jerry’ Olivarez, Morgan, and J.C.’s attorney, Kirk Schenck, were named as a trio who had “insinuated themselves into relationships with J.C. for an ulterior motive and purpose” to allegedly take advantage of Lee and “gain control over [his] assets, property and money.”

Kerri Kasem, an anti-abuse advocate and daughter of Casey Kasem, recently spoke out about Lee’s isolation, dubbing it a “major red flag.”

“I don’t know him, I don’t know any of the characters involved, but I’ll tell you, the person isolating, look at them,” Casem told USA Today.


“Look at them, investigate them. His daughter — I’ve read conflicting reports, ‘Maybe she’s the one, we don’t know who it is, it could be this Keya Morgan’ - all I know is that when you have somebody, even if you have a contentious relationship, when you have siblings, or you have a daughter, and they want to see their parents, it’s because they love them.”

On Friday — the one-year anniversary of Joan Lee’s death — Lee’s former collaborator, Steve Ditko, with whom Lee co-created Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, died aged 90.