Stan Lee Files Restraining Order Against Business Manager

It looks like there has been yet another development in the going-ons of Stan Lee's life. According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, the famed comics creator has filed a restraining order against his longtime business manager.

The new report states that Lee filed the order against Keya Morgan on Wednesday after the manager was placed under arrest for allegedly falsifying a police report. The legal move was confirmed by a rep at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

For fans, this move comes as a welcome one as Lee's life has been in the headlines as of late due to some rather controversial social media posts. Shortly before Morgan was arrested for falsifying a police report, Lee appeared in a Twitter video where he explained Morgan was the only person managing his affairs at this time.

"My only partner and business manager is @KeyaMorgan, not all the other people making false claims," the video was captioned.

An increased number of these messages have gotten fans concerned, and Morgan's firm control over Lee has only agitated fans further. Last month, news broke that Morgan was reportedly in control of Lee's public Twitter page and was responsible for purging most of its content. The verified account unfollowed countless accounts like those belonging to celebrities who shared concern for Lee's situation.

The concern about Lee's situation began after the creator was photographed at various events looking weaker than usual. Worries rocketed shortly thereafter when The Hollywood Reporter published an expose alleging that Lee was suffering from elder abuse. The lengthy piece pointed out a few culprits in the scheme, but Morgan was featured heavily alongside Lee's daughter J.C. and others.

Since the death of his wife Joan Lee in 2017, the writer's personal life has fallen into public disarray. On more than one occasion, someone has stolen from Lee's home or embezzled money from his savings. In-fighting amongst his inner circle even led to the firing of his longtime road manager Max Anderson, and reports continue popping up that those left in Lee's posse are closely monitoring his public appearances.


For now, Lee has yet to make a statement on this restraining order. After being arrested earlier in the week, Morgan was released on bail for $20,000. The manager has also kept silent on social media regarding his arrest.

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