Stan Lee's Stolen Money Used to Buy Condo

Marvel Comics visionary Stan Lee fell victim to check fraud last week, prompting Beverly Hills detectives to investigate Lee's claims that $300,000 was removed from his bank account with a fraudulent check.

Lee's team suspects the theft was an inside job and the 95-year-old comic book legend is "adamant" he didn't pen the check.

New developments shared by TMZ report the person or persons responsible used $850,000 of Lee's stolen money to purchase a condo in West Hollywood, per sources close to Lee.

Neither the withdrawal nor the purchase were approved by Lee or his financial team. The near-million dollar amount was discovered following an audit as result of the missing $300,000.

The initial $300,000 check was made from Lee's bank account as a "loan" to Lee's charity foundation, Hands of Respect. The foundation promotes a culture of respect among all communities across the nation.


Police are continuing their investigation into the theft.

The stolen money was first reported on December 29, a day after Lee celebrated his 95th birthday.