Star Wars Actor Ahmed Best Wants To Play Fantastic Four Hero

One Star Wars actor wouldn’t mind playing Mister Fantastic in the Fantastic Four movie that’s [...]

One Star Wars actor wouldn't mind playing Mister Fantastic in the Fantastic Four movie that's coming up soon. Fans probably remember Ahmed Best as the voice of Jar Jar Binks in the wildly popular series. He has an opinion status of Reed Richards going forward. He Who Remains debuted at the end of the last episode of Loki's first season. Because Jonathan Majors is playing the MCU villain, it stands reason to ask who could be playing his ancestor. (A common identity for Immortus is Nathaniel Richards, aka a descendant of Reed Richards.) Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has resisted all attempts to talk about the casting of Marvel's first family. For now, you'll probably see more actors tossing their hats in the ring. Best certainly won't be alone in that regard. Some of the Star Wars fans are behind the actor. However, there are some vocal detractors who question his worthiness. No decision has been made yet, and it feels like an announcement will be at least months away. Check out his tweet down below:

"I never thought that I would be asked back, to be honest," Best said when speaking about his role in the Star Wars universe for Jedi Temple Challenge. "I was very pleasantly surprised. What really made me say yes was the fact that this was breaking new ground in the Star Wars universe. I think what's the most important about the representation of someone like Kelleran Beq as far as being a person of color and the leader of this Temple — kind of like the Dean of Jedi — is it breaks down what's possible. It breaks down what you can do, and creates just a brand new world of possibilities out there."

"It's always been kids who have been my favorite Star Wars fans," he continued, "and to be able to give back to kids is something special… The thing I think that makes Jedi Temple Challenge kind of special is the fact that there really are no losers. This whole idea of being in the temple is this idea of work and continuing to work to improve and get better."

"So when a team didn't finish a challenge, it wasn't because they weren't good enough," Best added. "They just needed to go back and train and get better and work harder…. When it came to the kids who couldn't solve a puzzle or were the last to put their lightsaber together, I loved the moment of being able to tell them, 'Look, this is just the beginning of your journey.'"

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