The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Sam Wilson Stunt Double Explains How He Maneuvered Cap’s Shield

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came to an end this week, but thanks to social media, Marvel [...]

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier came to an end this week, but thanks to social media, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have gotten some awesome behind-the-scenes looks at how the Disney+ series was made. We have seen a lot of cool posts from the show's stunt team ranging from a closer look at the freeway fight to some of the show's awesome hand-to-hand moments. A new post from Aaron Toney, who served as Anthony Mackie's stunt double for Sam Wilson's action moments, explains how he maneuvered Cap's shield during the series.

"Some early movement concepts I was playing with in 2019 for when we revealed Falcon as Captain America for the series. Hope everyone enjoyed the series. Playing with some of my bootleg #wushu roots. Note the heaviness of my movement. I wanted to purposely weight myself down trying to get prepared for costume restrictions, so I trained in semi-light tactical boots and some light padding just so I could see what I could pull off. ☺️ Lots more stuff coming down the line," Toney wrote. The post caught the attention of Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) who commented, "Dude. This is insane. Again, your talent...can't be matched. Gravity got nothing on it. Love you and miss you." You can check out Toney's video in the post below:

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Kari Skogland, who directed the entirety of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, recently spoke with and broke down some of the show's action.

"Well, in the case of the flight I did a lot of studying of what's on the Internet in terms of the various action groups that jump out of planes or parachutes or, you know, the GoPro kind of world that is, I think, very experiential. So I wanted us to feel like we were with [Falcon]," Skogland shared. "And so as compared to being, you know, looking at him I wanted to feel like we were flying right lockstep with him. And that's what those cameras and that aesthetic has taught us. I guess we've evolved with understanding that that's what it is. So it's a particular aesthetic though. And so it was tricky to put that on all our guys jumping out of planes in squirrel suits and such. But we had an amazing team."

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