Marvel's the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Will Reportedly Revolve Around Government Not Wanting Sam Wilson to Be Captain America

Sam Wilson will become Captain America in the upcoming Marvel Disney+ TV series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. From the sound of things, the new Captain America won't be welcome with open arms by the United States government. In the latest episode of Fatman Beyond, hosts Kevin Smith and Marc Bernadin catch up on all of the San Diego Comic-Con news. This includes Marvel's slate of upcoming movies and Disney+ shows. Smith wondered if Falcon would become Captain America in the new show. Bernadin confirmed.

"That, I think, is the crux of what that show's going to be," Bernadin says. "The government doesn't want Sam Wilson to be Captain America."

Bernadin goes on to say that he read this information but doesn't say where. As a writer in Hollywood, it is possible he got a glimpse at a script or treatment for the series. Or maybe he read a speculative piece online. He seems pretty confident in the information, wherever it comes from.

Regardless of his source or his confidence in it, there's a good chance he's right about this. After all, conflict with the United States government defined Sam Wilson's tenure as Captain America in the Marvel Comics universe.

In the comics, Cap took up the shield after Steve Rogers was drained of the super-soldier serum and began showing his true age. As Captain America, Sam split with SHIELD after the hacker known as Whisperer (later revealed to be Rick Jones) revealed the existence of certain questionable secret projects and later the secret supervillain prison at Pleasant Hill. Sam spit from the US government entirely, later on, deciding that modern times required an independent Captain America who could act more freely. This all came to a head during the Secret Empire event, when Steve Rogers, after being restored to his Captain America prime, was revealed to be a Hydra sleeper agent and took over the SHIELD and the government on the terrorist organization's behalf.


What do you think of Sam Wilson being at odds with the government as Captain America? Let us know in the comments. Marvel's The Falcon and The Winter Soldier arrives on Disney+ in fall 2020.

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