The New Mutants Cut A Major Deadpool Character Cameo

The New Mutants is an isolated and standalone movie set to end the Fox era of X-Men movies, so [...]

The New Mutants is an isolated and standalone movie set to end the Fox era of X-Men movies, so much so that the majority of the film will take place inside the set of 150-year-old building posing as an institution fo troubled mutants. The film has its own ensemble of mutant characters, many of which are hitting the big screen for the first time, ever. However, while many of the characters will see their pasts explored in flashback form, the opportunity to bring in other popular characters was presented especially in the case of Ilyana Rasputin. The character portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy is the younger sister of Piotr Rasputin, also known as Colossus, on the pages of Marvel Comics. While that's true in the movie, as well, the steel-covered character was cut from the film despite director Josh Boone having ideas to include him.

"I had early drafts. I had early drafts that had, we always loved, Knate and I loved the scene and Superman. There's Superman three, the one where he loses his powers and goes back to Smallville. Is that one where he saves the kid from the thing going through the grass? We definitely wrote one where Ilyana was in like a field in Russia that was being tilled. And suddenly her brother comes in and you see all the armor come on him and stop the thing from running her over or whatever. We had stuff like that in earlier drafts that just got further and further away from a budget standpoint and everything else. Which is suddenly Ilyana rescued, and is Colossus' sister."

Colossus has grown in popularity after playing a key role in a pair of Deadpool movies with Stefan Kapcic in the part. Unfortunately, the character won't be appearing in The New Mutants, a moment which many fans would've certainly enjoyed seeing. Colossus and Magik together on screen? Maybe one day. Boone still promises that Magik is very much the sister of Colossus in his movie.

For now, there are still plenty of other Easter eggs and references to the larger X-Men universe which fans can look forward to in The New Mutants.

"There still are references to the X-Men universe," Boone promises. "It's just like we made this at such a strange time in the circumstances under which we made it was strange, which was, we didn't know there was gonna be a merger till we finished shooting. So we made the movie thinking it was the first of three. And then eventually we dovetail with [Simon Kinberg]'s X-Men movies. And eventually they'd come together like in a big Marvel type way. But you know, that's not what happened. And it's like, everything sort of got flipped upside down where it's like, we had to do a really good job this last time I went into the edit, making sure it didn't feel too much, like there were too many loose ends to be followed up on in another movie. So most of the little bit of work I did when I came back was to make sure that those tendrils were fixed."

He went on to reveal the full details of what those tendrils would have lead to when The New Mutants was originally planned as a trilogy of films. Do you want the X-Men franchise to continue or are you ready for a Marvel Studios reboot? Are you comfortable heading out to watch in a theater? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Twitter and Instagam.

Watch's full interview with Boone in the video above! The New Mutants hits theaters where theaters are open on August 28. Tickets are on sale now.