The New Mutants Director Promises It's 'F-cked Up' But Will Make People Cry

The final X-Men movie from the era of 20th Century Studios is about to premiere in theaters in just a couple of months, and it promises to be unlike anything we've seen from the family of mutants. Director Josh Boone has spoken at length about The New Mutants being more like a horror movie than a typical superhero movie, and now that the movie's confirmed for its release date we're starting to finally hear more about what fans can expect when it hits theaters. And according to Boone, X-Men fans might want to have some tissues handy when watching the movie.

During a press set visit for The New Mutants, Boone teased that 20th Century gave him a long leash for this movie.

"It's funny, [the studio] so emboldened by Deadpool and Logan and stuff that they really let us… I can't believe they're letting us make this movie," said Boone. "If you knew all the stuff in it, I still am like, 'Do they know how f-cked up this movie is?' It is, but we're trying to make something that would make you scream just as much as it'll grab your heart and make you cry. Truly, I've shown a couple of scenes to people where everybody who saw them cried and I was like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to make people cry.' So be excited, because that would be something that hadn't been done before, I think, for most horror movies."

Well, that's certainly a statement, and fans will get to see how it holds up when The New Mutants premieres. Despite the numerous delays and rumors of massive reshoots, Boone made it clear that The New Mutants is the movie he always intended to make.

Actress Alice Braga, who is playing Dr. Cecilia Reyes in the movie, explained that The New Mutants didn't have any reshoots or rewrites during production.

"Josh [Boone] prepared so much, him and [screenwriter Knate Lee], beforehand, about the script and all that, so there's not much rewrites happening," Braga said to ScreenRant. "Like, there's more creating the environment on set and the energy on set. The location is so amazing, they shot Shutter Island here, the [Martin] Scorcese film, and you can feel it."

We'll get to see how the X-Men franchise wraps up when The New Mutants premieres in theaters on April 3rd.


[h/t Collider]