Celestials Appear in New Thor Love and Thunder Trailer

Thor: Love and Thunder's latest trailer showcases a few Celestials. Fans are very curious how the deities that haven't been seen since Eternals figure into this story. Funnily enough, in the comics, the group plays a massive role in Gorr the God Butcher's backstory. It makes sense that he would have a bone to pick with them as well. During the trailer, they seem to be opening a gate of some sort and the bifrost. So, it's hard to say whether they will be good or bad in Love and Thunder. Director Taika Waititi has been teasing a big adventure that ranks among some of the wildest Marvel Studios films in the history of the franchise. With reveals like this being let go in the trailer, it would be hard to argue that. The inclusion of the Celestials also has some people worried that Marvel will do a similar marketing roll out to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. A lot of fans argued that the company showed too much in the trailers.

If you think these small tastes are unbelievable, then you should be prepared for the full course. Marvel artist Andy Park talked to ScreenRant about how massive this movie will be last year. He said Love and Thunder "pushes the boundaries of what's comfortable." So, gird yourselves now.

"There's a reason why there's been over a decade of successful movies and just why this franchise is growing. So Thor: Love and Thunder falls right into that where it's just pushing the boundaries of what's comfortable and what should be expected," Park explained.

"You'll be surprised and push these characters and the visuals go along with that. I think Taika said it in some interview where he's just like, he's surprised that he's even, he shouldn't be allowed to make a movie like this. And I get it," he mused. "This movie is crazy wild. It's so much fun. And I simply cannot wait for everyone to see it. Because it was so much fun to work on and design so many characters and do keyframes for. It's going to be a good one. It's going to be fun."

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

What other surprises do you think are lurking in Love and Thunder? Let us know down in the comments!