Chris Hemsworth Says Mark Ruffalo Thought They Were Ruining Their Marvel Characters in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok marked an absolute revitalization of the character and is a favorite among both [...]

Thor: Ragnarok marked an absolute revitalization of the character and is a favorite among both critics and fans of Marvel Studios movies. However, some of the changes that made it so successful were a little nerve wracking for those involved. That first trailer where Thor is in the gladiator arena and Hulk bounds in had a lot of people excited to se what was up. But, series star Chris Hemsworth admits that his co-stars were a little hesitant when approaching this much more comedic entry in the series. Mark Ruffalo especially had his doubts about how fast and loose the film was playing it, and let his friend know about those concerns during filming.

Fans remember that hilarious bit of Ragnarok where Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Ruffalo are all talking about Loki. It turns out, there is a ton of improvisation going on around that conversation about snakes and such. The star really enjoyed himself during that day of filming and was pleased with how much freedom the cast was enjoying. Ruffalo and MCU newcomer Thompson were kind of just looking around like they weren't sure that any of this was right. Hemsworth relayed the entire story at ACE Comic Con this weekend, and his impression of his fellow actor is pretty hysterical.

He began, "I remember Mark Ruffalo looking at me and saying, 'Are we wrecking this movie? Are we destroying these characters?' Tessa was like, 'What am I apart of? What am I doing?'"

The Avengers star was pretty blown away by the sweeping positive response to Ragnarok. He's been doing these movies since 2011 and never dreamed the series would be able to go in this direction. Hemsworth talked to Postmedia Network about how it all felt at the time.

"I wanted it to work so badly and I knew that we left everything on the field, so I had such a positive feeling about our approach to making that movie," Hemsworth said in the interview.

Take Waititi hit it out of the park in his first outing as a Marvel director. He got recruited by Marvel Studios to pump some life into the Thor series after a disappointing second installment. Hemsworth had some boredom developing with the character before Ragnarok came around. That burst of comedic energy ended up being just what the doctor ordered as the film became the highest rated Marvel movie ever at that point on Rotten Tomatoes.

"There was so much goodwill involved and everyone was willing to try something different and take risks," Hemsworth also said after the release. "So there was a great sense of pride that Taika and I felt. The cast and the crew all felt we really went for it and swung for the fences. So, regardless of how it was going to do, I felt very happy with what we did."

"But, look, of course I was surprised and happy and blown away by the response," He continued. "We all wanted that to happen and felt it was something that could happen more so than ever before and when it did, it was incredible."