'Venom' Director on Sequel's Plans For Carnage

Venom's direction for a sequel is clear: there will be Carnage.

Spoilers for Venom follow. Major spoilers!

By the time Venom came to an end, Cletus Kasady had been introduced via a mid-credits sequence seeing Woody Harrelson's character locked away in a jail cell. The room had been opened to Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock for an interview, which could possibly be a part of the origin story which sees Cletus become one with a symbiote and make him into a powerful force in the sequel. Speaking to Comicbook.com, Venom director Ruben Fleischer opened up about the mid-credits sequence and why Harrelson was an easy pick for the part.

"I obviously have a close relationship with Woody," Fleischer said, having worked with the actor on Zombieland and re-teaming with him for an upcoming sequel. "And he's one of my favorite actors, if not my favorite actor, and he's just also an incredible human being."

The idea of Harrelson donning that red wig and taking on the part which laid foundation for a likely sequel was easy. "So, when we were thinking about including that scene and laying the groundwork for a potential sequel, he was the first person I thought of and a just because selfishly I'm really excited to work with him again, whether it's in Zombieland 2 or the potential sequel to this film," Fleischer said. "But if you think about Natural Born Killers and Mickey, the character he played in that film, I feel like there's a real lineage that you can trace from Mickey to Cletus and I also think that he hasn't gone dark in that way for a while."

Harrelson has recently knocked out impressive roles in War for the Planet of the Apes and Out of the Furnace but has also played a number of lighter roles, as well. "He's been being more in comedies or these kind of mentor roles in the films he's played," Fleischer said. "So, it'd be really fun to give him the license to just go full crazy again which is what the character requires and which he's fully capable of and would be so fun to watch."

A sequel to Venom feels like a safe bet after the film broke October box office records, posting $10 million on its Thursday preview night and $80 million through the weekend. When that sequel begins to come to fruition, however, remains unclear.