‘Venom’: Eddie Brock’s Notebook Reveals Major Details of Sequel’s Villain

A notebook belonging to investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) on display at New York Comic Con revealed juicy details about Venom's sequel villain: currently incarcerated serial killer Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson).

Kasady notes
(Photo: ComicBook.com)

According to Eddie's scribblings, Kasady racked up a high bodycount over the course of his life before being jailed in San Francisco's San Quentin prison.

Kasady pushed his grandmother down a flight of stairs, killing her, later going on a "huge" massacre in New York City before slaughtering 11 people in Ryker's maximum security penitentiary.

Brock learned Kasady has an Oedipus Complex and once dug up his mother's grave. The Brooklyn-born mass murderer is described by Eddie as a homicidal maniac with "an insane mind" and "a lust for destruction."

As a child, an orphaned Kasady grew up in St. Estes Home for Boys, which was later set aflame — by Kasady, Brock suspects — killing the Disciplinarian Administrator.

Brock's notes also reveal Kasady tortured and killed his mother's dog with a drill and once pushed a girl in front of a bus, instantly killing her, when she rejected his advances.

According to Brock's write up, for Kasady, unpatterned bloodshed marks "the ultimate freedom."

The details match Kasady's comic book history, where he was an unrepentant, psychopathic serial killer with a vicious bloodlust long before he ever bonded with the red alien symbiote and became the dangerous supervillain known as Carnage.

In the Marvel comics, Kasady was once the cellmate of a jailed Eddie Brock, who had been defeated by Spider-Man. When a pregnant Venom symbiote freed Eddie from prison, its spawn latched onto and bonded with Kasady, who emerged as Venom's most-hated archfoe.

The powers of the Carnage symbiote made the villain so powerful it forced Spider-Man to team with the Fantastic Four and uneasy ally Venom to defeat Kasady, ultimately sending him back to prison following a citywide killing spree.


Harrelson will feature in a bigger role in a Venom sequel. Sony is expected to move forward with future franchise entries after Venom pulled in a record-setting $80 million in its opening weekend, giving it the biggest-ever October opening.