New 'Venom' Trailer Released Online

Get ready to embrace your inner antihero, because the latest batch of footage for Venom has officially arrived!

Sony has officially released a new trailer for the upcoming Marvel Comics-inspired adventure, after wowing fans with new footage at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. You can check it out above!

Venom will star Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, an intrepid reporter who becomes bonded with an alien symbiote while investigating the Life Foundation.

"Our movie wants to honor the comics as close as we can tonally," the film's director, Ruben Fleischer, told at SDCC. "In the comics, he bites people's heads off and eats brains. It would be weird to make a movie with Venom if he wasn't doing that. We tried to honor it as closely as possible. This is definitely a darker, more violent, more vicious Marvel character than I think anyone's ever seen before."

While fans will just have to see for themselves exactly what this new trailer reveals, it sounds like it could be the foundation for a longer-standing film franchise.

"We've definitely laid some groundwork for different directions that the franchise could go but obviously it all hinges on people's excitement about this film," Fleischer revealed. "I hope people will stay and see what seeds have been planted."

While the first glimpses of Venom -- and the notion that it would be separate from Marvel Studios' current Spider-Man franchise -- raised some eyebrows, it seems like fans have gradually come around to the film. And while the world won't get to see the film in its entirety until later this year, audiences are growing to expect a unique take on the comic book movie world.

"I'm a huge fan of comic book movies so I just tried to pick a lane that was true to the character," Fleischer explained. "I think inherent to the character, he's just darker, and we talked about more violent. It's just tonally different from everything else, especially when you're focusing on just Venom. He's not a sunshine kind of guy. So, it takes place at night. It's darker. More menacing. I think that within the spectrum of all these movies, there's the DC super dark, Zack Snyder type version and then there's the Marvel movies and I like to think that we're in our own zone apart from that."

"There's a symbiote and then there's Eddie Brock," Fleischer added. "There's a relationship. That's what Tom did so amazingly well, was to play these two characters simultaneously. That was, as a director, just exhilarating to watch someone with the capability that he has managed the two characters that he has in his head."

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Venom is set for release on October 5, 2018.