New 'Venom' Set Video Shows Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams

With production on the first Spider-Man spinoff movie under way, fans are starting to get glimpses of Tom Hardy's turn as Eddie Brock.

A new video from the set of Venom features Hardy alongside co-star Michelle Williams on the streets of New York City, and things appear to be a little intense between the two leads. Check out the video in the clip below.

Williams recently confirmed that she will be playing Ann Weying in the new movie. In the comic books, Ann is Eddie's ex-wife, so it makes sense that she's probably not happy to see him. And given the context of the scene, she might be even more upset than usual.

It looks like Williams is carrying an open-top box, a telltale cliché that her character was either fired or walked out of her current place of employment. This tracks since she seems to be wearing business attire, too. Being fired from your job, then harassed by your ex in public as your leaving, probably wouldn't leave you jumping for joy — you'd probably throw all your crap on the ground, too.

With Hardy's back toward the camera, we don't get to see what exactly transpires between the two, though it appears she might be writing some information down and then giving it to him — maybe it's a lead into his investigation into the Life Foundation?

Not much is known about the plot for Venom, though it's been confirmed to be adapted from the comic book miniseries in the '90s known as Lethal Protector. In that storyline, Venom and Spider-Man make a truce for the symbiote-empowered anti-hero to leave New York City and set up shop in San Francisco, where he comes into the crosshairs of the Life Foundation.

Though Tom Holland is rumored to appear in the new movie, chances are that Sony's film will largely be Spider-Man (and Marvel Studios) free.

Venom is scheduled to premiere in theaters on October 5th.