Venom Symbiote Gets a Surprising New Host

The Venom symbiote has taken numerous hosts throughout the years, with the likes of Spider-Man, Juggernaut and even a T-Rex getting consumed by the evolving alien life-form.

In the debut issue of Old Man Hawkeye, the comic that draws inspiration from Mark Millar's classic Old Man Logan storyline, the symbiote found a new host with a very interesting set of abilities, which could make it way more dangerous in the coming issues.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Old Man Hawkeye #1!

Early on in the issue, Hawkeye runs into a gang of Jamie Madrox clones. As longtime Marvel fans know, Madrox is better-known as Multiple Man, a mutant who can create duplicates of himself.

These clones (none of which were the real Madrox, they said) tried to shake down Hawkeye in the desert and take him for all he was worth. The former Avenger quickly defeated the cgang of clones, killing all of them but one. A single version of Multiple Man ran away wounded, as Hawkeye ran out of arrows.

A few pages later, the injured duplicate came upon what he thought was a puddle of water. Much to his surprise, the liquid on the ground wasn't water at all, it was actually the symbiote, who was looking for a new host.

old man hawkeye symbiote
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

As soon as the duplicate picked up the symbiote, he was taken over, and the page showed various parts of Venom's body surrounding him, transforming him into the villain.


If the duplicate makes his way back to the original Multiple Man, there's a chance we could see the symbiote, and the villainous Venom, making copies of itself. One Venom is dangerous enough, could you imagine dealing with infinite duplicates?

multiple man symbiote
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Old Man Hawkeye #1, written by Ethan Sacks and illustrated by Maro Checchetto, is currently available at your local comic shop.