WandaVision Had to Cut Major Moments From Agatha Harkness' Backstory

WandaVision may have given us some key details of the past when it came to dueling witches Wanda [...]

WandaVision may have given us some key details of the past when it came to dueling witches Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) - but it didn't give us everything the showrunners had come up with. In a new interview, WandaVision writer Jac Schaeffer was asked by Q&A to clarify some of the backstory that led to Agatha showing up in Westview, and taking on the role of Wanda's nosy neighbor Agnes. In order to answer that question, Jac Schaegger revealed that the WandaVision creative team came up with a much bigger biography for Agatha Harkness, which was ultimately left out of the show:

"She sensed [Wanda's magic] and came to investigate; she was not in Westview," Schaeffer explains. "She felt what she terms the 'afterglow of so many spells cast at once,' and she's like... a succubus. She travels looking for powerful beings to take from. So yeah we had done a lot of ideating on like where's she's been, what she's been up to, what her journey has been, and all that. And that didn't make it into the show because that was the right move, but it was helpful for us to sort of have a bit of a biography for her. But yeah she sniffed it out and showed up and had to figure out what was going on."

WandaVision Had to Cut Major Parts of Agatha Harkness Origin Backstory
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Marvel Comics fans know just how well-connected Agatha Harkness is to the mystical lore of the Marvel Universe so that "biography" that Jac Schaeffermentions could indeed be made into pivotal story points for the MCU's future. Agatha has been involved with some powerful rogue sects of witches and sorcerers; her son Nicholas Scratch becomes a big evil magical threat; Agatha's role in Wanda and Vision's life - and the creation of their sons - has big ties to Mephisto and the demonic side of the franchise; and when all that isn't going on, Agatha has served as Nanny tot he Fantastic Four, helping their mutant son (Franklin) with his own reality-altering powers.

In the MCU, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will have to pick WandaVision's dangling threads about the Scarlet Witch, Chaos Magic, the Darkhold, and Wanda's twin sons Billy and Tommy; that franchise will also have address how the Master of the Mystic Arts react to the Scarlet Witch's debut - and there is still Chiwetel Ejiofor's Mordo lurking around as judge and jury over any and all magic users operating on Earth. All of those storylines have room for Agatha Harkness - and when the Fantastic Four do arrive, they may still need a mystical coach.

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