WandaVision Director Asked Disney About an “Agatha All Along” Trap Remix With Cardi B

It's been a couple of months since WandaVision came to an end on Disney+, but Marvel Cinematic [...]

It's been a couple of months since WandaVision came to an end on Disney+, but Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are still jamming out to the movie's epic soundtrack. There were many catchy tunes featured in the series, but nothing stands out more than "Agatha All Along," the theme song that revealed Kathryn Hahn's character's true self. Back in February, WandaVision songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez revealed their favorite remixes of the song. Turns out, director Matt Shakman had some dream remixes of his own and they involve Cardi B. Recently, the WandaVision cast spoke with Entertainment Weekly and Hahn shared, "I just heard about what a 'trap remix' is, and I want to do that." That led to Shakman's Cardi B reveal...

"I did actually float it. I did ask Disney Music about this because Cardi B's Halloween costume last year was the most amazing Scarlet Witch outfit I've ever seen, so I was like, 'A duet? Let's see.' So I don't know, she hasn't called back yet," Shakman shared. Please call them back, Cardi B, because that idea sounds amazing!

During another interview with the New York Times, Lopez and Anderson-Lopez broke down the hit song. "None of us knew this was going to be the song," Lopez explained. "We woke up that morning to find that it was all over the Internet, and it was like, 'This is awesome.'" In fact, the couple admitted they were "sort of sad" that the show was winding down and they "didn't know if we'd have any hits come out" from the series.

"It's got an Addams Family twist with an electric harpsichord," Anderson-Lopez explained. "It's super-duper cool and feels like something you'd find in a haunted house." (In case you missed it, The Addams Family was one of the DVD sets shown in the eighth episode of WandaVision.)

"In a way, 'Agatha All Along' was there all along," Anderson-Lopez added. "We've been spoon-feeding a tritone that's called the devil's interval — the [soft voice] duh-duh-duh — throughout the series. And then ultimately, when the big reveal happens with the [thundering voice] DUH! DUH! DUH!, everyone had been hearing it steadily, so it felt like an old friend."

The songwriting duo also explained why they added the word "perfidious" into the song. "We knew we didn't want to say hideous because Agatha is still hot. So I looked at a rhyming dictionary and was like: 'Perfidious! It's so great! It's so perfect,'" Anderson-Lopez explained. "We always have an SAT word in the lyrics somewhere because people appreciate learning a word. And if they already know it, they appreciate being able to brag that they know it," Lopez added.

WandaVision is currently available to stream on Disney+.