WandaVision Creator Dodges Agents of SHIELD Question

Ever since the third episode of WandaVision was released on Disney+ last week, fans of Agents of [...]

Ever since the third episode of WandaVision was released on Disney+ last week, fans of Agents of SHIELD have been wondering if the original Marvel Cinematic Universe series will play a role in the latest from Disney+. The episode featured a commercial for a soap called "Hydra Soak," which felt like a direct reference to Agents of SHIELD's Framework arc. While in the Framework, most of the SHIELD agents were working for Hydra, but Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) was living his life as a history teacher. Teacher-Coulson was convinced that Hydra had been controlling people's minds using blue soap. We've been hoping the connection between the two shows wasn't just a coincidence and we're getting a little more excited after WandaVision's creator/head writer, Jac Schaeffer, dodged an Agents of SHIELD question while talking to ET.

"Fans connected the most recent commercial for Hydra Soak to an episode of Agents of SHIELD, which would be one of the few times the MCU has connected back to those Marvel shows. Was that an intentional connection? Are they sniffing in the right spots there?," ET asked. "This is where I'm going to talk about something entirely different. What can we talk about? [Laughs] It rained yesterday," Schaeffer replied.

While this certainly isn't proof of an Agents of SHIELD connection, we're inclined to believe Schaeffer would have admitted it if the soap was just a coincidence. Interestingly, Hydra Soak was not the only commercial with potential ties to Agents of SHIELD. The show's second episode featured an ad for Strucker Watches. Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was one of the leaders of Hydra who is best known for using Loki's Scepter to give Wanda and her brother their powers. Strucker was referenced many times throughout Agents of SHIELD's run and his son, Werner von Strucker, was a recurring character on the series.

It's also worth noting that Asif Ali, who plays Norm on WandaVision, also appeared in an episode of Agents of SHIELD as Jeremy Fletcher, one of the people forced to work for Hydra's "incentive program" during the show's first season. While that could just be a result of the two shows having the same casting director, we can't help but hope some big Agents of SHIELD stars will show up on the series. In fact, we recently put together a list of characters we'd like to see again on Disney+.

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The first three episodes of WandaVision are now streaming on Disney+ and all seven seasons of Agents of SHIELD are currently available to stream on Netflix.