Marvel Reveals Real Reason Fantastic Four Left the Marvel Universe

The Fantastic Four have been missing from the Marvel Universe for years. Now Marvel has finally revealed why.

Marvel Comics released a new preview of Marvel Two-in-One #11 by Chip Zdarsky, Ramón Pèrez, and Federico Blee. The preview shows that Marvel Two-in-One has finally caught up with the relaunched Fantastic Four series that heralded the Richards Family’s return from the multiverse.

The preview shows a conversation between Mr. Fantastic and the Thing in which Ben Grimm finally asks Reed why he and Sue left without letting the rest of the Fantastic Four come along.

Reed admits that he and Sue were over being superheroes. He remembers when they started out as the Fantastic Four. They were supposed to be adventurers and explorers. Over time, they became increasingly entrenched in the drama of the superhero community and were constantly being called upon to help halt whatever new crisis popped up that week.

In leaving the team's home universe, Reed hoped he could show his children the multiverse from a scientific perspective. He felt like that would probably bore Ben and Johnny and, frankly, he hoped that not having the other members of the Fantastic Four around would mean there was less chance of the need for superheroes arising. The Thing and the Human Torch could continue being superheroes in the Marel Universe proper while the Richards and the Future Foundation explored the multiverse.

Marvel Two-In-One #11
(Photo: Ramon Perez, Federico Blee, Chip Zdarsky, Marvel Entertainment)

The plan seemed to work for a while. The Fantastic Four traveled the multiverse creating and studying new universes. Until it stopped working. Franklin Richards’ power ran out of a juice and some sort of cosmic personification of entropy came crashing into the picture. The threat is so great that the Fantastic Four were forced to call upon their extended family - every Fantastic Four member ever - for help.

What do you think of this explanation for why the Fantastic Four left the Marvel Universe? Are you happy to see the family back together? Let us know in the comments!

Marvel Two-In-One #11 goes on sale October 31st.

Marvel Two-In-One #11

(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Ramon K. Perez (CA) Paul Renaud


• But there's fallout from their absence, both in the universe and in the family. The THING and MISTER FANTASTIC go on a voyage to rectify mistakes and heal wounds.

• But is it too late?

Rated T


In Shops: Oct 31, 2018

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