X-Men: Apocalypse Image Shows Hugh Jackman As Weapon X

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Bryan Singer's most recent film in the X-franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse, is in the midst of its third week of theatrical release, and now more footage is hitting social media.

Now that most have seen the movie, the Director saw fit to release some new behind the scenes footage on his Instagram of Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman in his Weapon X gear taking out some poor soul in a rather violent way.

He captioned the post with: "A little behind the scenes. The hardest working and kindest actor in all of Hollywood, #HughJackman #Wolverine #XMen #XMenApocalypse"

The scene was a big draw for the film, but it isn't the only behind the scenes footage we've seen starring the actor recently. In some behind the scenes photos of the upcoming Wolverine 3, the actor can be seen with a full beard and sporting some considerable grey in his hair alongside fellow X-actor Patrick Stewart, who will be reprising his role as Professor Xavier.

The film is heavily rumored to be a take on the popular comic storyline Old Man Logan, but the title has been rumored to actually be Weapon X, so how it will mix the two if both of those turn out to be true will be interesting.


Wolverine 3 is set to debut in theatres on March 3rd, 2017.