X-Men Editor Reveals Scrapped Dark Phoenix Costumes

An X-Men editor has revealed some looks at scrapped Dark Phoenix costumes. Tom Brevoort is the Executive Editor and SVP of Publishing over at Marvel. He shared some concept designs for the iconic run with Jean Grey on Twitter. Dave Cockrum's designs are actually a ton of fun to see in this case as the team found their way towards the eventual iconic costume. The alternate roads are a trip, there are takes with different accessories, strange colors, and that blue rendition is worthy of discussion all by itself.

"A few Dave Cockrum designs for what became the Phoenix costume, done as just an attempt to find a new costume for Marvel Girl. Dave did a lot of these," he explained.

In a following tweet, Brevoort said, "Here are a bunch more Jean/Phoenix designs. The Phoenix costume was going to be white, but with the bad paper comics were printed on, EIC Archie Goodwin was afraid readers would be able to see the page on the other side through her figure."

Chris Claremont and John Byrne's Dark Phoenix Saga would go on to be a massive moment for Marvel. The X-Men #129 started the wave and it would keep rolling until #138. Jean Grey's time with the Phoenix Force would prove popular enough to be the subject of two X-Movies. Both 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand and last year's Dark Phoenix had the bonus of being marketed as bringing the storyline to the big screen. Unfortunately for fans at home, this version of the now-iconic costume is nowhere to be found.

Dark Phoenix's director had to explain himself when he introduced the "classic uniforms" during the film.


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