'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Star Sophie Turner Claims One Altercation Led to an Actor Walking Off Set

When actors are filming passionate scenes for a film, fictional tensions can sometimes lead to [...]

When actors are filming passionate scenes for a film, fictional tensions can sometimes lead to real-world arguments. X-Men: Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner recently revealed that she had an altercation on the set of the film, which led to an actor walking off set.

During an interview with Glamour, the actress noted that it was an incident on the set of the film that helped her stand up for herself. The actor went unnamed, with the outlet only revealing that the actor walked off set when they were expected to share the screen with Turner, resulting in a writer instead reading the character's lines to shoot Turner's side of the interaction.

"I actually have a really big problem with not being able to stand up for myself," Turner explained. "Especially if I'm arguing against a man. [Dark Phoenix co-star] Jessica Chastain is the one that said it to me, 'You need to stand up for yourself more!'"

The actress added, "She [Jessica] said, 'Just go and talk to him, go and say something to him!' I'm a bit of a shy, pushover person, but I'm getting there, I'm working on it."

The X-Men sequel has had a complicated history, so it shouldn't be surprising to find out there were complications while making the film.

Dark Phoenix was originally slated to hit theaters last November, only for the film to get a delay to Valentine's Day of this year. As that release date approached, the film was pushed back a second time to June 7th. This most recent delay also allowed the film to undergo reshoots, though it's unclear how these new sequences will alter the original narrative, if at all.

"Movies get pushed all the time," director Kinberg shared in a recent interview. "I remember JJ [Abrams] pushed Star Trek a year, then he pushed Star Wars a year, and those movies turned out great, and our movie's turned out great as well. We really wanted to wait until the visual effects...the biggest challenge of this movie in terms of time is visual effects. There's a lot of visual effects in this movie. They're really intricate, more intricate than we've ever had in these films, partly because it goes into outer space and that's hard to render. And the movie will be done in actually just a couple of months and you look at the calendar and you start to see competitively where the best place for it to be released would be, the best time, and the studio felt like it warranted a big summer blockbuster release because it became, despite its intimacy, a very big-scale film. So we started looking at summer and that was the perfect date for it in the summer."

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is expected to hit theaters on June 7th.

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