Hugh Jackman is an Oscar Away From EGOTing

The Grammys are currently in full swing and Hugh Jackman is among the list of winners. The actor took home the prize or Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Medium for The Greatest Showman which means he is now an Oscar away from EGOTing.

Back in 2005, the actor won an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program for hosting the 58th Annual Tony Awards. In 2004, he won his first Tony Award for portraying Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz. In 2012, he received the Special Tony Award for his contributions to the Broadway community.

Now that he has a Grammy under his belt, all he needs is an Oscar. Considering Jackman’s acting chops, we don’t think it’s too far-fetched to imagine a future that includes his name on the coveted EGOT list.

Many fans were quick to take to Twitter to celebrate Jackman’s victory.

“Hugh Jackman just got closer to an EGOT with his Grammy win today. Should’ve gotten a sniff for his Logan performance but he’ll get it eventually. #grammy,” @GrantPlata wrote.

“Oooh... Hugh Jackman is an Oscar away from an EGOT...Lordt does that mean he's gonna be gunning for Oscar fare for a while?,” @psddluva4evah asked.

“i never would have thought hugh jackman would be close to an EGOT like come through wolverine,” @guccigxy shared.

Fans might be celebrating Jackman’s win, but one person is taking it as a loss. Ryan Reynolds, the actor best known for playing Deadpool, has had a longstanding faux feud with Jackman. Back in December, the feud was ignited futher once it was announced The Greatest Showman’s soundtrack would be going up against Deadpool 2’s.


The two actor’s recently put their differences aside, but Reynolds' reaction to Jackman’s victory tweet make us think the hilarious fake feud is back on.

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