The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Best Actor

Welcome to the 2017 Golden Issue Awards, where we here at take a look back at 2017 and select the stories from comic books and related media that we expect will remain in our hearts and minds long after the year has come to a close.

While 2017 was admittedly dominated by breakout performances from actresses in comic book movies, we nonetheless saw some of the men of the genre turn in great performances as well. This year was all about the generational gap, as we saw young talent like Ezra Miller and Tom Holland claiming big roles, while older talent like Hugh Jackman and Michael Rooker left their iconic comic book roles behind.

The Golden Issue award for Best Actor is going out to the performer who delivered the most memorable or significant performance, and going by that criteria, it was indeed a tight race.

And the winner of Best Actor is...


Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine in Logan!

While Tom Holland was a close runner-up for the way he stepped in and lifted the troubled Spider-Man franchise back up to glory, it's hard to deny that Hugh Jackman's final performance as Wolverine lived up to the hype. Jackman gave an arguably Oscar-caliber performance as an aging and broken version of Logan / Wolverine, finally able to deliver the fully violent edge of the character thanks to an R rating. Aside from a powerful and nuanced performance as Old Man Logan, Jackman doubled down and added an additional performance, playing a terrifyingly savage younger Wolverine clone.

Jackman's final scene in the film was a tear-jerker, cementing that one of modern comic book movies' first big stars is still one of its best.


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