All Man Of Steel Easter Eggs Confirmed So Far

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With various trailers and TV spots released for the Man of Steel, as well as details emerging from early screenings and interviews, there has been lots of talk about Easter Eggs in the Man Of Steel. We've compiled a list of all of the Man Of Steel Easter Eggs that have been confirmed so far. Some of the Easter Eggs point to a larger DC Comics Cinematic Universe, while other Easter Eggs just acknowledge past creators in the world of Superman. LexCorp Tower – While early rumors suggested that Lex Luthor might have a cameo or even a major role in Man Of Steel,the only thing that's proven true so far is that there are a couple of Lex Luthor Easter Eggs, which means Lex Luthor definitely exists in the Man Of Steel universe. In a city shot in the second Man Of Steel trailer, the LexCorp Tower can very clearly be made out in the skyline. The LexCorp logo also appears on some tanker trucks and on the side of a building under construction in the film. For Lex Luthor to have multiple buildings and trucks, it definitely suggests that Lex Luthor is a very successful businessman in the Man Of Steel universe. Wayne Enterprises Satellite - During his attack on Earth, General Zod destroys a satellite, which has the Wayne

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Enterprises logo on it. Director Zack Snyder himself confirmed, "Yes, there is a Wayne Enterprises logo on the satellite." According to Snyder, the Wayne Enterprises logo was added as a tribute to Man Of Steel producer Christopher Nolan, who also directed The Dark Knight trilogy. Snyder said, "I'm saying..well, it's a nod of the hat and a tribute absolutely. I wanted to do something for me that just acknowledges the amazing partnership and friendship that I have with Chris [Nolan], and I just wanted that in the movie somehow." Blaze Comics – While everyone was sort of expecting there to be some type of nod to Batman in Man of Steel, it's not only the most well-known superheroes that get Easter Eggs in Man Of Steel. The very first other superhero to get a a confirmed Easter Egg in Man Of Steel was  actually Booster Gold. In the third Man Of Steel trailer, when Superman flies at General Zod, a neon sign for Blaze Comics can be seen in the background. Blaze Comics is the name of the company that publishes the Booster Gold comic book in DC Comics. Utopia Casino - During a battle between Superman and Zod in Metropolis, a neon sign for Utopia Casino is shown. In the comic books, Utopia Casino is run by a man named Tony Gallo, who also happens to be the person who first brings Kryptonite to Metropolis. While there is no Kryptonite in Man Of Steel, it looks like Zack Snyder has laid the groundwork for the green rock to appear in sequels. Weisinger Elementary School – Young Clark Kent attends Weisinger Elementary School in Smallville. Man Of Steel Writer David S. Goyer confirmed that Weisinger Elementary School is actually an Easter Egg nod to Superman editor Mort Weisinger.

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– In a scene where Jonathan Kent is talking to a young Clark Kent, a sign for Sullivan's Truck & Tractor Repair can be seen in the background. In the Smallville TV series, Chloe Sullivan was Clark Kent's best friend, while he was growing up. The sign is a call out to the Sullivan family from the Smallville TV series. Ezra's Mail Depot – Ezra's Mail Depot appears as one of the Smallville storefronts, which is an Easter Egg nod to Ezra Small from the Smallville TV series. Ezra Small was the founder of Smallville, and he was an ancestor of Henry Small and Lana Lang. Toomey Waste Disposal – In Smallville, there is a sign for Toomey Waste Disposal. While this one hasn't been confirmed by the Man Of Steel writer or director, it's likely a call out to DC Comics writer Bob Toomey, who worked on some of the Superman Family titles in the seventies.