Arnold Schwarzenegger Undergoes Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent heart surgery this week. The star posted a thank you to the [...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger underwent heart surgery this week. The star posted a thank you to the hardworking staff at the Cleveland Clinic. It turns out, the Terminator actor needed a new aortic valve and went to the best to handle such a tricky procedure. It's been a strange year for the star after last year's appearance in Terminator: Dark Fate. Then 2020's coronavirus pandemic took hold and he's been staying inside and staying distanced ever since. The former California governor actually recorded a few videos encouraging the people of that state to adhere to COVID-19 protocols. He shot those videos in his home, and the clips might have caused as much stir because of the numerous animals that the family keeps as pets on their property. Luckily, he's on the mend and can probably make the trek home soon.

"Thanks to the team at the Cleveland Clinic, I have a new aortic valve to go along with my new pulmonary valve from my last surgery," the star wrote. "I feel fantastic and have already been walking the streets of Cleveland enjoying your amazing statues. Thank you to every doc and nurse on my team!"

There is no question that Schwarzenegger is showing his age a little bit more these days. In Dark Fate, many fans wondered how his Terminator was looking older in the film despite being a machine. James Cameron actually told the press that it's been 35 years and you can tell everything about how the machines age from the first movie.

"Look, it's all in the first film," Cameron said during a video chat while on the set of the Avatar sequels. "Sweat, bad breath, everything--he's a cyborg. The 'org' part is 'organic.' There's flesh over the outside. He's organic on the outside. He's got to eat to support the organic part of his body. It might only be 30% of him by weight, but he definitely has human flesh. The science behind that is complete bulls---, but it's a cool idea, right?"

"In the first movie, he's actually got sort of gangrene and his wounds are kind of rotting by the end of the film," Cameron added. "When the guy pounds on the door and says, 'Hey buddy, you got a dead cat in there?' It's like, he's rotting. His human flesh is dying before it all gets burned off. All biological systems are subject to age unless you were to specifically genetically tinker that out, which obviously they didn't do. So his outer form ages. The flesh will die and fall off eventually, and then he'll just be the endoskeleton walking around. A little harder to blend in at that point."

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