Murder Hornets Have Already Been Made Into A Movie

If the coronavirus pandemic wasn't enough, America now has killer hornets to contend with. In a scene right out of a Simpsons episode, the United States has scene the danger of the COVID-19 outbreak compounded by the new threat of killer hornets (aka Asian Giant Hornets) showing up in America. Naturally, the current state of worldly affairs has a lot of movie fans feeling like 2020 is going to inspire an entire wave of great movies - but when it comes to the killer hornets, the movie industry is already ahead of the curve!

Want something to watch that can make you even more freaked out about the current state of the world? Dread Central has the lowdown on a new film called Angry Asian Murder Hornets, which is coming our way soon!

Angry Asian Murder Hornets Movie (2020)
(Photo: SCS Entertainment)

As you can see from the poster above, Angry Asian Murder Hornets is the next release from the team behind 5G Zombies, which was just recently released. That film took the nearing 5G mobile revolution and mixed it with the zombie-horror concept - now Angry Asian Murder Hornets is capitalizing on the new fears over the Giant Asian Hornet's invasion of America.

According to Dread Central:

"Angry Asian Murder Hornets is directed by Dustin Ferguson (aka Dark Infinity) and Assistant Director Erik Anthony Russo. The film is currently wrapping production in Los Angeles, with Shawn C. Phillips (Chillerama), Sheri Davis (Axegrinder 2), John R. Walker (Ouijageist), and Jarad Allen (Axed To Pieces).

The plot involves a fictional invasion of giant, mutated “Murder Hornets” in Southern California, and it’s up to the local Anthropologist to find a way to destroy them before it’s too late, in this modern throwback to the 1950’s era giant critter flicks."

As stated, the year 2020 has provided enough nightmare-fuel to keep the sci-fi and horror genres occupied. The coronavirus pandemic; killer hornets; government cover-ups; intense quarantine lockdowns and isolation; verified UFOs; dystopia just one step away; and remember when we kicked off the year nearly getting into WWII? Yeah good times, great memories.


That's all to say: if you're a smaller studio or independent filmmaker looking for subject matter for your personal horror movie: strike while the iron is hot!

Angry Asian Murder Hornets is headed for released on DVD and VOD on June 1st.

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