Avengers: Endgame Originally Didn't Revisit Events of The Avengers

Last night was a big night for MCU fans, as ComicBook.com held its latest Quarantine Watch Party, this time for one of the biggest superhero films of all time Avengers: Endgame. During the event Endgame writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus had a lot of insights and new details to share about the making of the film, including one of the most surprising nuggets they've shared so far. McFeely revealed that in the first draft for Endgame, there was no trip back to the events of the original Avengers, meaning we didn't get Captain America vs Captain America, Loki being arrested, or Hulk having to imitate his old more growly self.

McFeely admits that was a mistake, writing "First draft, we did not go back to Avengers 1...which was a mistake. #AvengersAssemble #QuarantineWatchParty -SM"

When host Brandon Davis asked him if there were other movies they were considering heading back to, McFeely revealed one considered sequence that involved Iron Man fighting Heimdall in an invisible stealth suit, but that was cut.

"We were just obsessed with the fine detail vs. the fun," McFeely wrote. "We had a sequence where Tony and Thor went to Asgard because technically there were two stones there. Tony, in an invisible stealth suit, fought Heimdall. Cool, not emotional. #AvengersAssemble #QuarantineWatchParty -SM"

It's hard to imagine the original Avengers section of the movie not being in Endgame, but then again it would be interesting to see what was in its place in that original script. That sequence also ended up setting the stage for Loki's return (sort of), which will be followed up in the Loki series on Disney+.


That was just one of many things shared by McFeely and Markus, but directors the Russo Brothers also shared quite a few interesting behind the scenes moments, including the final moment that Chris Evans suited up as Cap, which you can see right here.

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