Black Panther: Dominique Thorne Visits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Talks Ironheart Impact

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's Dominique Thorne reveals the impact that Ironheart had with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. As a part of a partnership with Puffs, the Marvel star got to visit some of the patients and give them all comic book covers and tissue boxes. During her visit, Thorne spoke to's Aaron Perine about the ways you could see the inspiration and resilience on the faces of these kids. Some of them might not be totally into superheroes, but they did see themselves in Riri Williams as builders, mechanics, or scientists. That is worth so much to the young actress. Being able to give a little bit of inspiration along with the company brightened everyone's day.

She began, "It was such a beautiful experience. It's really just like almost like a necceary moment of connection. Yes, like representation. And, yes, being able to talk about this incredible moment that Marvel is having shifting the faces that are really leading the charge in the movies and all of the things we mentioned, like the Oscar buzz."

"All of these things are so spectacular and incredible and they're markers for such greats success. But, at the same time, I think something that's equally as necessary to shed light on, or to focus on, is the real focus of these stories. Like the true target audience of these stories. That, to me, has always been the children," Thorne elaborated. "I have two younger brothers, the youngest of which is seven and he was a big convincing factor for me even accepting this role because of the joy and the excitement that I saw from him."

The Impact of Representation in Wakanda Forever

"So, to think then, about how a young Black girl might feel? Seeing a superhero like that? Then, to think about all other young kids who maybe they don't know,  but they kind of have a suspicion that they're into mechanics or cars," the Wakanda Forever actress continued. "Or science, or math, or whatever it is? To get to play a character that represents those things, it was just additional validation. I guess, or confirmation that this is and could be a good thing."

"So, when I was contacted by Puffs, who's obviously at least to me and my family has been sort of a staple of comfort in times of sickness and distress. I kid you not. My mom was also here today and she herself was reminiscing about how Puffs was really the only tissue that we used because as Puffs say themselves, 'No one is safe from a sore runny nose,'" she laughed.

"To be in a space where all of these kids are. They're not only children who are excited for the superhero and all that," The Marvel star noted. "But, they're also in real life battling with very real things and struggling in ways that maybe they don't even have the words for. I think it was just the other side of how this can continue to be a good thing. Continue to have a little bit more of a real world impact."

Hope For The Future With The Next Generation

Thorne concluded, "However I can, if there's a chance that somebody will see that girl who plays IronHeart and feel that they'll get that boost of, 'Yeah, I can be super, I can be strong!' Absolutely, let's do it… You saw that today in the room with all of those children. So, it was an incredible time!"

"The success of the MCU and the growing ways it seeks to accurately represent us all; across creed and circumstance, is something I am very proud to be a part of. " Dominique offered. "So when Puffs asked me to join them and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, in celebrating these kids —all of whom have and continue to be real life superheroes in the face of adversity— it was an easy 'yes!'".

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