Bloodshot: Vin Diesel and Cast Breakdown Comic Hero in Exclusive Clip

Most major comic book movies come from Marvel or DC roots. Now, it is Valiant's turn. The independent publisher is going to have its best-selling comic, Bloodshot, brought to life in live-action with Vin Diesel playing the titular hero. The Fast & Furious star is hardly the only big name coming to the franchise. In Bloodshot, he will be joined by the likes of Eiza Gonzalez, Lamorne Morris, Guy Pearce, and several other popular names. In footage provided by Sony Pictures, has an exclusive clip with intel from the cast of Bloodshot, helping those fans who might not be familiar with the popular comic get to know the hero.

"To explore a character like Bloodshot, to explore a character that is this killing machine and to uncover what drives him to be this killing machine you think of him as this bad-ass soldier, "Diesel says in the clip. Although he is turned into a super soldier against his will, there is an element to the character which everyone will relate to: "What's fascinating about the character is, he's motivated by something we've all been motivated by, which is love."

Check out the exclusive intel from Bloodshot in the clip below:

"People usually have origin stories, they were usually this person seeking truth and justice," Morris, who plays Wilfred Wigans, said. "He was just a manipulated man who then realized who his true self was. And, he's just better than other super heroes. His blood can do whatever he wants it do! I wish I had that."

Meanwhile, Guy Pearce, who previously starred in Marvel's Iron Man 3, is also a fan of the character -- especially the human elements of it all. "The thing that I'm always hoping people respond to is the emotional nature of this story," Pearce said. "The great thing about this is that it's housed in great visual effects and the possibility, the sort of ideas that this technology is actually possible."


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Bloodshot hits theaters on March 13.