Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Gives Baron Zemo A Massive Sword

With the magic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all sorts of tidbits — like concept art and behind-the-scenes imagery — manage to find their way online years after a film's release. Marvel Studios has always taken pride in its own in-house visual development department, led in part by artist Andy Park. Earlier this week, Park released one piece of art that showed Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl) with a costume that looked very comic-accurate, purple facemask, and all. Now Park has released a second look and in it, not only does Zemo have a spookier look with the purple facemask, but he also carries the weapon of choice for his comic book counterpart — a massive sword.

You can see Park's latest work below.

Earlier this year, Brühl revealed he was approached by Marvel about returning while on-set for another project. He took a quick pause with that to film a short promotional piece with his mask for the first time in live-action.

"It was funny because Angel of Darkness was the first time I'd ever revisited something and came back to the same project again, or to go on playing that part," Brühl told Collider earlier this year. "And then, whilst I was shooting Angel of Darkness, I got the news that they wanted me to come back to shoot The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I remember that Kari Skogland, the director, came to Budapest and we recorded something with me being Zemo, and I was very happy and enthusiastic to see the mask."

He added, "I was incredibly thrilled to go back because I remember that I had a lot of fun being in something completely different and getting to explore the MCU and become part of that. I have the fondest memories of collaborating with all of these wonderful actors, and to see Sebastian Stan again, and Anthony Mackie, this time around, and to come back to something which, on the one hand, felt common and known, and on the other hand, being something completely new and something fresh."


Brühl's Zemo can be seen now in Captain America: Civil War.

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