Check Out Robu, DUST's New Short Film With Moonlight's Jharrel Jerome, Here (Exclusive)

This morning, DUST will premiere Robu, a new short film from Japanese-American director Kai Hasson (UHC: Ultimate Home Championship), starring Emmy-winner Jharrel Jerome (Moonlight) and Kazuki Kitamura (Kill Bill Vol. 1). And they have provided ComicBook readers with an opporutnity to be the first to see it. It's something that many members of our audience can probably relate to: the maddening, sometimes thrilling, world of digging through the stacks looking for one particular back issue that may not be especially valuable, but sure is a pain in the ass to find. And then, of course, it takes a bit of a turn.

Robu follows Rob (Jerome), a 17-year-old who is on the adventure of a lifetime: a four-day quest to find the second issue of his favorite Japanese comic book that his father left him. His journey introduces him to the odd world of manga, as he meets friends like Yuuki (Kitamura), a local salaryman with a dream of his own. Shortly into his adventure, Rob begins to notice that the world of his manga is coming to life, and that he just might be the main character.

You can see the short below.


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