Cocaine Bear Filmmaker Teases Sequel Ideas (Exclusive)

Cocaine Bear came in above box office expectations its opening weekend in theaters, currently boasting a $52 million total at the global box office. Though it may still be a bit too early for Universal to decide whether or not it wants to pursue a sequel, those who worked on the film already have plenty of ideas for a follow-up. In fact, the film's visual effects supervisor tells us he hopes to see a sequel called Crack Fox.

"I'm a big fan of The Might Boosh, if you've ever seen that," Wētā FX supervisor Robin Hollander tells us. "It's an English skit show, and if you haven't seen it, look it up. It is absolutely crazy stuff. And they have an episode called the Crack Fox. It's about a fox high on crack, and he's just up to mischief, so I always thought that would be a pretty cool adaptation."

Hollander then points out the film itself sets up its own sequel, potentially teasing cocaine-infested sheep.

"I do like in the movie how they tease at a sequel when Stache, the guy played by Aaron Holliday, hitchhikes out and he puts the bag in the back with all the sheep," he adds. "I love that bit because the audience is like, 'Oh, okay, okay. I see where there is going.'"

That said, the visual effects supervisor admits there were discussions on how a movie could potentially set a sequel, though he's unaware if one is in any serious stage of development.

"There was a few little discussion points as they were sort of redesigning the sort of outro scenes in how we could tease a sequel. I have no idea if there is an interest in making a sequel," Hollander concludes. "Obviously, we'd love to be involved because it was hands-down the funnest project that I've ever we've been involved in. But I think there's a lot of options for animals and drugs and yeah, it's a niche market that needs more exploring, I think."

Directed by Elizabeth Banks (Charlie's AngelsPitch Perfect 2) from a screenplay by Jimmy Warden (The Babysitter: Killer Queen), Cocaine Bear is produced by Oscar winners Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, The Mitchells vs. The Machines) and Aditya Sood (The Martian) for Lord Miller, by Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman (Pitch Perfect franchise) for Brownstone Productions, and by Brian Duffield (Spontaneous). Robin Fisichella (Ma) is listed as executive producer.

Cocaine Bear is now in theaters.