Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Wants To See Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern Again Before Deadpool 3

Last week Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld made the claim that Marvel Studios doesn't have any plans [...]

Last week Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld made the claim that Marvel Studios doesn't have any plans for Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds, telling Inverse: "I feel like Deadpool, the movies, they've set sail." This seems to against what Reynolds himself previously said about the project, revealing late last year that they were developing something with "the full team" at Marvel Studios. That in mind, Liefeld said there's another hero he wants to see Reynolds take on for the big screen, telling that the actor should suit back up as the Green Lantern for Warner Bros. Pictures. Yes, really.

While speaking with during a new episode of Talking Shop (which you can watch above), and talking about actors that move back and forth between franchises from different studios, Liefeld told us: "Isn't that the truth? You know what I would love? You know what I would love, I would love for Ryan Reynolds to be Green Lantern again. More than him to do Deadpool 3. I would love to see him (do that)."

Liefeld added that his wish wasn't to say that he didn't love and appreciate what was done with Deadpool on the big screen, saying: "Look, Deadpool 1 and 2 are like two halves of a perfect whole... You can see them as video game characters and toys and Heroclix and all that. But when actors like Josh Brolin and Zazie Beetz are Domino and Cable with Ryan. It's mindblowing (to see your creations on screen). But I also, I feel like that was a moment in time. After all this fighting, Ryan got his vision. And followed up with a sequel so fast."

The likelihood of Reynolds returning to the role of Green Lantern seems...very unlikely, despite Liefeld's insistence that Deadpool 3 isn't a priority for Marvel Studiuos that film still seems like more of a possibility. Reynolds has spent the years since his time as Green Lantern doing nothing but making fun of the film and his time acting as the superhero, including a gag in the credits for Deadpool 2 where he (as Deadpool) shoots himself (Reynolds) in the head before he can accept the part of Green Lantern.

Despite the future of Deadpool being uncertain, Warner Bros. is moving forward with a television version of Green Lantern with Geoff Johns set to produce. DC TV producer Greg Berlanti and Berlanti Productions are also heavily involved in the series which will feature two different Lanterns along with series favorite villain Sinestro. Reynolds involvement seems...unlikely.