Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Sent Spider-Man Star Tom Holland a Case of Gin

During an interview tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Marvel standout Tom Holland joked that he and his three roommates had remained friends despite being locked in together during the novel coronavirus pandemic in part because they're "always drunk." That may have been a joke, but Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds apparently wants to make sure Holland has at least the option, and sent the Spider-Man: Far From Home star a case of Aviation gin, the liquor that Reynolds has a financial stake in. In an example of bad-boy Deadpool giving innocent Peter Parker some bad ideas, the case apparently arrived just after Holland had decided to stop drinking for a while.

Of course, you can't just let a whole case of gin go to waste. And more to the point, if you've got a house full of roommates you don't want them to finish all your booze without you.

"I actually said this weekend that I was going to stop drinking for a week, I was going to have a week off," Holland said. "And then literally Monday morning, Ryan Reynolds sent me a case of gin. I was literally like 'I'm not drinking for the whole week, not drinking at all,' and then the doorbell rang and there was a case of gin from the lovely Ryan."

"It says here on the box, it says 'some friendly neighborhood spider-gin -- love, Ryan," Holland added.

During the same interview, Holland admitted that he doesn't know when the as-yet-untitled third Spider-Man movie will go into production. While it was originally planned for July, and Sony seemingly remains committed to that date, Holland admitted that Uncharted, also from Sony, might take precedence since he and co-star Mark Wahlberg were already on set and ready to film when the pandemic shut down production and sent the cast home.

Still, when Sony reshuffled a number of their upcoming release dates, they also pushed back the premiere of Uncharted. With that film officially delayed, it seems likely Sony is eager to begin rolling on their Marvel movie -- but things are changing daily right now, and it will likely be late May or early June before the summer's shooting schedule can really be locked down.

The actor has previously said that the writing for the Spider-Man film is "insane," but said that he loves both scripts. He really doesn't seem to care which starts filming first, and promises fans that both are still coming.


Spider-Man 3 is currently set to premiere in theaters on July 16, 2021.