Disney CEO Bob Iger Says Marvel Phase Six Will Feature Whole New Set of Avengers

Disney CEO Bob Iger says that there will be a brand-new lineup of Avengers soon. The executive spoke about the state of the Marvel brand at Morgan Stanley's 2023 Technology Media and Telecom Conference. Iger says that the Avengers will be a priority moving forward and everything is getting evaluated as he retakes the reins at the company. It's no secret that Marvel Studios is a massive moneymaker for the company. However, as the coronavirus pandemic drags on and Phase 5 has begun, a lot of fans are looking for the cohesion they became accustomed to at the tail end of The Infinity Saga. Avengers movies would likely reignite some of that chatter. But, the next Avengers film isn't on the docket until at least 2025. So, Iger has some thoughts about how they will build out the roster moving forward.

"Marvel — there were 7,000 characters, there are a lot more stories to tell," Iger said (h/t IndieWire). "What we have to look at at Marvel is not necessarily the volume of Marvel storytelling, but how many times we go back to the well on certain characters. Sequels typically work well for us. Do you need a third or a fourth, or is it time to turn to other characters? There's nothing in any way inherently off in terms of the Marvel brand. I think we just have to look at what characters or stories we're mining. And if you look at the trajectory of Marvel over the next five years, you're going to see a lot of newness. We're going to turn back to the Avengers franchise, but with a whole set of different Avengers."

How Will Marvel Get To Avengers: The Kang Dynasty?

Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige spoke about the path towards the next few Avengers movies in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. During that sprawling conversation, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars featured heavily. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania began the road to that first title. It's clear that Jonathan Majors' time-traveling villain is far from done with our heroes. However, he's not going to be in every single movie going forward on the path to the new Avengers.

"Not every film in the Infinity Saga focused on the Infinity Stones or Thanos, and it'll be the same across 5 and 6. But we're gearing up. People will get a taste of this in a big way in Quantumania as we lead to Avengers: Secret Wars, which I'm extremely excited for," Feige explained to the outlet. "You know, I'm coming up on 23 years at Marvel. That's a long time. It's not quite half my life, but it's almost half my life. [Laughs] Many of us have been together for a decade or more. And we only do it because we are so excited and in love with the potential for what we can do ahead. The storylines that weave together through Phase 5 and 6 into Secret Wars and the opportunities that the multiverse brings storytelling-wise, it's a whole new aspect to the MCU. "

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