Stuber Becomes Disney's First R-Rated Release in Six Years

Now that the Fox and Disney merger has come and passed, the House of Mouse is set to release it's first R-rated film in the better part of a decade. Stuber starring Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Kumail Nanjiani (Men in Black: International) speeds into theaters this weekend, marking the first time since Disney/Touchstone's The Fifth Estate (2013) an R-rated film has entered theaters from the family studio. Stuber is a part of the wide array of adult-oriented films 20th Century Fox had been working on, along with the likes of Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman and the X-Men-based Deadpool.

The second rumors of the Disney and Fox deal started surfacing, many were quick to wonder what the Bob Iger-led company would do with R-rated properties like the Ryan Reynolds-starring Deadpool. According to Iger himself, if it's not broke, Disney doesn't plan on fixing it. Even long before the massive merger closed, Iger teased the fact Marvel had considered doing R-rated superhero flicks.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige previously touched on the topic, saying that while he and his team don't dabble in adult-geared movies at the moment, it doesn't mean they won't in the future.

“Currently, we don’t work on R-Rated movies. It’s not out of the question but currently, no,” the producer revealed.

“My takeaway from both of those films [Deadpool and Logan] is not the R rating, it’s the risk they took, the chances they took, the creative boundaries that they pushed,” Feige explained. “That should be the takeaway for everyone.”

In terms of Marvel films, Black Widow is now filming and was initially rumored to be Marvel's first R-rated film, though Feige himself eventually debunked those rumors. Other upcoming films like The Eternals and Shang-Chi are fully expected to be PG-13 films.

Stuber is rated R for violence and language throughout, some sexual references, and brief graphic nudity. The full synopsis for the film can be found below.

"When a mild-mannered Uber driver named Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) picks up a passenger (Dave Bautista) who turns out to be a cop hot on the trail of a brutal killer, he's thrust into a harrowing ordeal where he desperately tries to hold onto his wits, his life and his five-star rating."


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Stuber is due out July 12th.