Disney+ Price Hike Date Revealed

The Disney+ streaming service has made a massive mark on the entertainment landscape not just by [...]

The Disney+ streaming service has made a massive mark on the entertainment landscape not just by having a library filled with beloved titles and hit original shows set in the Marvel and Star Wars live-action universes. Disney+ is also one of the most affordable streaming services on the market. The Disney service costs half of what you pay for rivals like Netflix and HBO Max, while still delivering widely-loved entertainment. Unfortunately, there is a slight price hike on the way for Disney+ subscribers, and it's arriving sooner than you might think.

Disney announced during its Investor Day presentation back in December that the price of Disney+ would be going up by $1 each month at some point in the spring of 2021. Well the spring season is now upon us, and some Disney+ subscribers are being notified about the increase in price. According to an email sent to customers that signed up for Disney+ through Verizon, the monthly price of a subscription is being raised beginning on March 26th.

The current price for a Disney+ subscription is $6.99 each month. Once the price hike goes into effect, Disney+ will cost $7.99 per month. Considering the contents of the Disney+ library, and the fact that it's still substantially cheaper than other services, this price hike likely isn't going to be seen as a deal-breaker by many. Still, money is money, and seeing a subscription price get raised is never fun.

If you subscribe to the Disney streaming bundle, which includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, you'll see your subscription raised from $12.99 to $13.99 per month. There will likely be a difference in price for those who pay for an annual subscription to Disney+, but those changes have yet to be announced.

This price hike was always inevitable, especially when you think about how much shows like WandaVision and The Mandalorian cost to produce. Still, at $8 each month and several Marvel and Star Wars shows on the way, Disney+ feels like one of the better deals in streaming. That said, if you want to get some time in before the price goes up, you can sign up for a Disney+ subscription right here.

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