Disney+ to Raise Prices in United States

Disney+ is raising their prices in the United States and fans are conflicted after all the content [...]

Disney+ is raising their prices in the United States and fans are conflicted after all the content they saw today. Next spring will see the service go up a dollar to $7.99 next spring. Now, that may not sound like a lot, but there is a lot of hardship out there right now. In an effort to get ahead of that change and load up the Investor Day Presentation with as much content as possible. Star Wars, Pixar, Disney Animation, and Marvel all saw loads of content announced for the service. Multiple movies, limited series, and one-off specials all got announced. Fans were absolutely ecstatic after seeing so many of their favorite characters and heroes on screen for the first time in a long time. Still, just one dollar doesn't seem like much, but that tiny increase across so many people will add up for Disney in the coming years.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek helped lead off today's Investor Call after Lowell Singer gave the introduction. A lot of fans tuned into this broadcast because of the promise of new content to flood Disney+. There are rumors of a brand new Star Wars project. a major Marvel project announcement and more today. So, the sky is very much the limit when it comes to Disney+ offerings today. After 2020's relative disaster, the company will be looking to rebound in a huge way heading into 2021.

"While I wish we could be together for this, I think you'll find the presentation we have you to be truly spectacular," Chapek said. He highlights Disney+'s success in its first year. The "DTC" business model is a priority. "Given that storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at Disney, we're incredibly proud of how our stories have been embraced by people around the world," he explains. "More than 1 billion people have identified themselves as true fans with deep connections to our brands." Disney+ has 86.8 million subscribers.

Chapek also laid out how curiosity becomes central for leading Disney into the future "with smart, bold risks and strategic investments" in their future."

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