Does Bill and Ted Face the Music Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Bill and Ted Face the Music will be available to watch in theaters and on demand tomorrow -- which really means in just a few hours, as the websites that sell and rent digital movies hit midnight. The film, which takes place more than 25 years after Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, centers on Bill S. Preston, Esq. (Alex Winter) and Ted "Theodore" Logan (Keanu Reeves), whose band is destined to write the song that will unite the world and bring peace and prosperity to everyone. The only trouble? They're pushing 50 and that song hasn't come yet. Years after their first single topped the charts, Wyld Stallyns are considered has-beens.

That's where Bill and Ted Face the Music starts: the pair are desperate to write their world-changing song, but unsure of what to do next, after years of disappointment. Adored by their daughters, and basically no one else, Bill and Ted start struggling with the possibility of letting the universe down, when the plot kicks in.

It's the third movie in a franchise, though, so really what's happened is that you've come this far to know: does Bill and Ted Face the Music have a post-credits scene? (Minor spoilers ahead for Bill and Ted Face the Music, obviously.)

Yes -- although it isn't one that tees up a future sequel (which the writers told is very unlikely to happen anwyay).

Rather, the post-credits scene takes in the future. Bill and Ted, during the course of the movie, had visited a few different points in their own future to try and seek advice from older, wiser versions of themselves about how to write the song that would change the world and save space and time (that's a new part added in this movie, as the time to write the song has come dangerously close and Bill and Ted haven't done it). One of the futures, very late in their lives, features the pair resting at an old folks' home.


In the post-credits scene, the camera returns to that era, as Bill and Ted decide (tongue-in-cheek, we assume) that there's one more thing they have to do before they die. Standing, the pair don their guitars and rock out as the Wyld Stallyns again, just like they did at the very beginning of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, the sound of their chaotic electric guitar playing closing the loop that began in 1989.

Bill and Ted Face the Music is available on digital video-on-demand platforms, and playing in about 700 theaters around the country.