Dune Writer Offers Update on HBO Max Series The Sisterhood

Ahead of the release of Denis Villeneuve's Dune, Warner Bros. announced that they were developing the spin-off TV series Dune: The Sisterhood, which would explore Lady Jessica and the Bene Gesserit, with writer Jon Spaihts confirming that the project is still in the works. Progress on the project seems to have stagnated, though, as he has been tasked not only with continuing to work on Dune: Part Two, but also to explore other avenues of the franchise that could be adapted into additional projects. While fans might be disappointed that the series isn't further along, knowing that it's still in the works at all will still likely come as a relief. Dune: Part Two is expected to hit theaters on October 20, 2023.

"Oh, that is carrying on and I'm not allowed to talk about it very much," Spaihts confirmed with The Playlist when asked if the series was still in the works. "But that effort is alive and well. I ended up getting moved off of it to work, not just on Dune: Part Two, but to investigate other cinematic prospects in the Dune universe, which we are still talking about and which, again, I'm not allowed to say very much about. But it is a very rich world in which to play, and I think it is ripe with opportunities for storytelling in every direction."

The writer did tease some work had been done on the series and that "they're well down the road, but I honestly don't know the details of the timing."

This will surely come as a relief to fans, as the future of Dune has been somewhat questionable in recent years. Arguably one of the most definitive sci-fi mythologies in history, much was riding on the release of Villeneuve's film, as it was made clear that he was merely adapting the original Frank Herbert novel in part, and that his film would require a follow-up. When Warner Bros. made the decision to release the film on HBO Max and in theaters simultaneously, the financial viability of the project cast doubt on getting a second film, though the studio ultimately opted to move forward on the project.

Despite Dune's financial reception being impacted not just by this release strategy but also by the coronavirus pandemic, it earned strong critical reactions and has been nominated for 10 Academy Awards.

Dune: The Sisterhood has been previously described as being "told through the eyes of a mysterious order of women known as the Bene Gesserit. Given extraordinary abilities by their mastery of the body and the mind, the Bene Gesserit expertly weave through the feudal politics and intrigue of The Imperium, pursuing plans of their own that will ultimately lead them to the enigmatic planet Arrakis, known to its inhabitants as Dune. It will serve as a prequel to the films."

Stay tuned for details on Dune: The Sisterhood. Dune: Part Two is expected to hit theaters on October 20, 2023.

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