Elvis Deluxe Edition Soundtrack Released

The life of Elvis Presley was brought to a whole new audience last year, thanks to Baz Luhrmann's hit biopic Elvis. If you've been singing along to the film's soundtrack over the better part of the past year, Warner Bros. has a surprise for you. This week brought the debut of the Deluxe Edition of the Elvis soundtrack, which offers an expanded look at the songs from and inspired by the movie. The Deluxe Edition soundtrack has fifteen new tracks, and 52 songs in total. These new songs include previously-unreleased recordings of Austin Butler, who stars in the film as Elvis Presley, singing "Blue Suede Shoes", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Crawfish", and "Are You Lonesome Tonight?". Additionally, there is "Backstreet Bossa Nova", Daisy O'Dell's remix of "Bossa Nova Baby" and Backstreet Boys' "Backstreet's Back." This comes ahead of Elvis' presence at this weekend's Academy Awards, where it is nominated for mulltiple awards, including Best Picture.

"The whole Elvis music team has answered the call from fans with this new Deluxe Edition of the Elvis soundtrack," said Luhrmann in a statement. "Featuring everything from previously unreleased recordings by Austin Butler to contemporary takes on Elvis's classics and a fresh mash-up with the Backstreet Boys, the Deluxe album reveals all the complex layers of Austin's performance, Elvis's music and those who continue his legacy."

Will there be an extended cut of Elvis?

This deluxe version of the soundtrack begs the question of whether or not an extended cut hint to ScreenRant last year, that his rumored four-hour cut of Elvis could potentially be released — at a later date.

"Not now, and not probably next year," Luhrmann explained. "But I don't close my mind to the idea that in the future, there might be a way of exploring another [cut]. I've got to be really careful here, because the moment I put it out there... I tell you what, all my tweets are nothing but, 'We want the four-hour version! We want the four-hour version!' I think people are at my gates with pitchforks saying, 'We want the four-hour version!' But I don't close my mind to the idea that there would be an extended cut. Right now, with how long it's stayed in the theaters and how well it's done, it's crossed the line. But it's done so well on HBO Max over the weekend, so it's about the parent company going, 'Wow, it's really worth spending the money.'"

"Because it isn't just like I've got it, and you just put it out there," Luhrmann continued. "Every minute in post-production, you have to do visual effects, grading, cutting, refining, and ADR sound. It's not like it's just sitting there finished, and I can just push a button and it comes out. You'd have to get back in and work on it. To do an extended cut, you'd be working on it for another four or six months something. I'm not closed to it, but not now. I'm a little bit on the tired side."

What did you think of Elvis? Are you excited for this extended edition of the film's soundtrack? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!