How the Extraction 2 Ending Sets Up a Third Movie

Tyler Rake is back and better than ever! Extraction 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2020's Extraction, finally made its worldwide debut on Netflix early Friday morning. The sequel is bigger and bolder than its predecessor, putting Chris Hemsworth's action hero into his toughest situation yet. Of course, given the popularity of the Extraction movies, fans will be wondering if there will be a third installment on the way in the future. Netflix hasn't announced anything just yet, but the ending of Extraction 2 certainly sets up another movie, thanks in large part to Idris Elba.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Extraction 2! Continue reading at your own risk...

We won't get into the mission at the center of Extraction 2 in this article, but things don't turn out the same way they did in the first movie. The missing doesn't end with Tyler Rake dead in the water, leaving sequel possibilities in doubt. At the end of Extraction 2, Rake and his partner, Nik Khan, are thrown into prison. 

In the final scene, Tyler and Nik are taken out of prison and brought to a remote location, where they come face-to-face with the mysterious man played by Idris Elba. It was Elba's character who approached Tyler about the dangerous breakout mission earlier in the movie. He says he'll break them out of prison if they agree to some more work for his company.

As it turns out, Elba isn't even the big boss of this shadowy organization. He tells Tyler that his boss is kind of crazy, teasing that the two of them will probably get along. 

There's no more information about who Elba's character works for, or what missions they have planned for Tyler and Nik in the future, but that is more than enough to set up Extraction 3. That leaves the door open for an exciting new character to have a big role in the third film, and establishes a reason for Tyler to take on another mission. 

Based on the positive reception Extraction 2 has received, and the massive popularity of the first movie, it would be safe to assume Extraction 3 is in the cards for Netflix.

What Is Extraction 2 About?

Hemsworth reprises his role as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2, and he'll be reuniting with Extraction director Sam Hargrave. Prior to the first Extraction, Hargrave was a stunt coordinator and second unit director for Marvel Studios. Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Endgame, produced the Extraction films for Netflix. Joe Russo penned the screenplay for both films.

Here's the official synopsis for Netflix's Extraction 2:

"Chris Hemsworth returns as Tyler Rake in EXTRACTION 2, the sequel to Netflix's blockbuster action film EXTRACTION. After barely surviving the events of the first movie, Rake is back as the Australian black ops mercenary, tasked with another deadly mission: rescuing the battered family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from the prison where they are being held."

Extraction 2 is now streaming on Netflix.