Justice for Han: Fast & Furious Producer Tells Fans "Just Hold On"

Fans of the Fast & Furious franchise have followed a number of characters over the years, but none [...]

Fans of the Fast & Furious franchise have followed a number of characters over the years, but none have left an impression quite as profound as Sung Kang's Han. The beloved character was introduced in Tokyo Drift and killed in the third act of the movie, only to be brought back in the franchise's subsequent films, revealing that they took place before his death. A post-credits twist later confirmed that it was Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw that killed Han as a way to get to Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto. In the film's since Han's death, Shaw has become a franchise protagonist, co-leading the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff movie. Of course, his turn to heroism hasn't sat well with fans, seeing as how he killed one of the most beloved characters in the entire series and no one on-screen ever really brings it up. Thus began the Justice for Han campaign.

The Furious faithful have been urging the franchise to deliver some kind of closure regarding Han's murder, or at least address the elephant on the screen, but that moment has yet to arrive. Will it ever actually come to fruition? ComicBook.com recently sat down with franchise writer and producer Chris Morgan ahead of the Hobbs & Shaw Blu-ray release on November 5th, and it sounds like Justice for Han will be found, if the fans can stay patient.

"Well the only thing I'll say about that is," Morgan tells us. "Listen, I came in on Tokyo Drift. I'm a huge fan of that character, and Sung Kang. And you're right, we've been... Over the course of the films, there's a big arc, and a debt that's owed. And I would just say for an audience, everybody involved in the films, loves all of our characters. We're aware of all the character arcs, and what needs to get paid and where we're going. And I would just say to an audience, just wait. Just hold on. Not a real comment beyond that, other than, we love the characters just like you do."

Could that "just hold on" comment mean that there is some resolution already in the works? With Statham's Shaw now a little distant from the main franchise, there's been a notion amongst fans that the upcoming Fast & Furious 9 could potentially address the issue. Justin Lin, Fast 9's director, was spotted wearing a #JusticeForHan t-shirt on the set earlier this month.

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