Fast & Furious Star Michelle Rodriguez Slams Hobbs & Shaw Writer's Justice for Han Comments

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw has left some fans upset that Han wasn't mentioned in the [...]

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw has left some fans upset that Han wasn't mentioned in the film, especially since the person that killed him Deckard Shaw gets a more heroic arc in the spinoff film. That's led to some taking to social media with the hashtag #JusticeForHan, as they want Jason Statham's character and the franchise as a whole to deal with that part of history before they'll truly move on. Screenwriter Chris Morgan has worked on the franchise since Tokyo Drift, though he's moved on from the core franchise to Hobbs & Shaw. In a new interview, he said that justice for Han is coming, but Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez took to social media to shoot down any notion that he's got an idea of what's coming (via The Wrap).

Morgan said that he loves the hashtag, and while there's an indirect reference with Shaw in Hobbs & Shaw, he did say the overall story would deliver that justice for the character. Rodriguez took to Twitter though to tell fans that he isn't involved with the story going forward and he hasn't had much of an impact on where the story is either.

"I've been around since the beginning way before Chris Morgan came along & he has absolutely nothing to do with where this narrative is or where it's going FYI," Rodriquez wrote on Twitter.

Morgan won't be the screenwriter for Fast & Furious 9, as Daniel Casey is stepping in for that film while Morgan moves full time over to Hobbs & Shaw. Here's what Morgan said about Han and Shaw's overall arc.

"I love 'justice for Han,'" Morgan told EW. "Sung Kang is a great friend, and Han is a character that I adore. I would say that the super-arc for Deckard Shaw is going to be one of the most interesting, cool, rewarding character arcs in the franchise. Justice for Han is owed. It's something we have discussed for a very long time and want to give the right due to. I think the audience will be satisfied and should know it's coming. There's a line in Hobbs & Shaw that is right before the battle in Samoa where Shaw says to his sister, 'There's things I've done that I have to make amends for.' That line was specifically written and put in there just to let everyone know that he is talking about Han — it is on his mind. It tortures him, and he's going to get to it."

It seems if that does happen it might be in the Hobbs & Shaw side of the franchise, as neither The Rock or Statham are involved with Fast & Furious 9.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is in theaters now.