Fly Me to the Moon Trailer: Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum Fake the Moon Landing for Apple

Fly Me to the Moon opens in theaters July 12th.

Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum are faking the moon landing in the first trailer for their new movie, Fly Me to the Moon — just in case something goes wrong. On Monday, Sony and Apple released the trailer for the upcoming romantic comedy which is set to debut on July 12th, revealing the fake landing as a backup just in case the real mission doesn't quite go as planned. The film, which is set during the 1960s space race, stars Johansson as a marketing executive hired by NASA to not only shine up the agency's image but fake that moon landing and Tatum as launch director who isn't exactly on board with the latter — and as you can guess, sparks fly. You can check that trailer out for yourself in the video below.

What is Fly Me to the Moon About?

Fly Me to the Moon stars Johannsson as Kelly Jones who is hired to rehab NASA's image and Tatum as launch director Cole Davis. The film is described as follows: "When the President deems the mission too important to fail, Jones is directed to stage a fake moon landing as backup and the countdown truly begins."

"Channing is such an easy-going actor, good spirited and professional. Falling in love with him onscreen was pretty easy. He's such a likable person," Johansson told People. "Kelly and Cole are such opposites. It was fun to play that dynamic with Channing."

Fly Me to the Moon is directed by Greg Berlanti. The script is from Rose Gilroy based on a story by Bill Kirstein and Keenan Flynn. Johansson, Johnathan Lia, Keenan Flynn, and Sarah Schechter serve as producers with Robert J. Dohrman executive producing. In addition to Johansson and Tatum, Fly Me to the Moon also stars Nick Dillenburg, Anna Garcia, Jim Rash, Noah Robbins, Colin Woodell, Christian Zuber, Donald Elise Watkins, Ray Romano, and Woody Harrelson. The film is set to open in theaters on July 12th, making it the fourth Apple Original film to get a wide theatrical release after Killers of the Flower Moon, Napoleon, and Argylle.

"The inspiration for this story was to craft a big, fun, smart original movie around whether or not the American government could have possibly faked the Apollo 11 moon landing, which is still the most-watched live TV event in the history of the world and has since become one of the most talked about conspiracy theories," Berlanti said.

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Fly Me to the Moon opens in theaters on July 12th. It will later go on to stream on Apple TV+.