Disney Bosses Still Haven't Thought About Frozen 3

Frozen 2 director Marc Smith hasn’t even begun to think about Frozen 3. The last installment was [...]

Frozen 2 director Marc Smith hasn't even begun to think about Frozen 3. The last installment was another gigantic success for Disney and it would make sense to wonder when the next trip to Arendelle will be. Well, according to the director, you could be waiting for a little while. Disney just put out Frozen 2: Into the Unknown on Disney+. That documentary sheds a spotlight on the creation of the second movie and there's a ton of good content in there. Collider spoke to Smith about if there were any discussions about Frozen 3 yet, and that's a long way off. Fans will remember that there was clamoring for Frozen 2 after the initial mega-hit took over the world. There will probably be a similar wait for Round 3.

Smith told Collider, "We have not had that discussion. I think Frozen 2 is still too close to everyone's minds and ideas to, to think about what happens beyond, beyond that."

Later in the same conversation, the director talked about what's made him most proud after the movie came out. One moment at Disneyland will be something that Smith cherishes for the rest of his life.

"It's the most rewarding thing in the world for me to go to Disneyland or on Halloween and see kids dressed in our characters' costumes, because it means there was a connection made there," he explained. "As an artist, being able to have an audience that you can try to connect with in a way that's meaningful to you. And when that is meaningful to them, there's just really nothing better for an artist. For anyone I would imagine, but I certainly feel that way."

Check out what Comicbook.com's Charlie Ridgely had to say in his review of the film:

"The film's finale is telegraphed and expected, but the third act journey to get there is made no less enjoyable by that. The songs in act three all feel more natural than they do early on in the film, the choices by each character all make sense, and the bond between the sisters is as real as ever before," Ridgely wrote. "Frozen 2 is a tale of two halves. Fortunately for everyone, the better of those two halves comes second and leaves you feeling mostly fulfilled when walking out of the theater. None of it is nearly as warm or magical as the original Frozen, but there's a certain charm to be found in the bold and dark adventure late in the film that still makes it worth the journey."

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